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May 1, 2020


Online dance classes – payment details and information

I hope those of you who managed to get online last week enjoyed their lessons?! – I appreciate its all very different (different teacher, different classroom etc etc!) but the feedback I have received so far has been really positive. I appreciate the feedback, please keep it coming.

Detailed below is information about payment, Zoom login reminders, helpful tips, and class times. Please take some time to familiarise yourself with this information.

A word from Miss Becky:

Thank you all for giving these online lessons a try, I fully appreciate the effort involved in clearing a room, organising the camera and the cooperation needed from other family members. Whilst these lessons are in no way a substitute for meeting you all in the hall, they are a way for us to stay connected and most importantly to stay safe.

Primary/ Pointe £3.50 per class total £17.50
Grade 1/ Grade 2/ Grade 3 £4.00 per class total £20
Grade 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, InterF, Inter, AdvF £4.50 per class total £22.50

The cost for Pre-School (nursery ballet) and Pre-Primary in Dance with Miss Rebecca is £15 for 5 weeks of lessons. Please pay her directly via PayPal using the email 

Please make all other payments to Milford & Brook School of Dance or for Bank Transfer Milford & Brook School of Dance Acc 47116433 sort code 09 01 28 ref child’s name (G1, G2)
I understand that this is not a long term solution, I am already thinking of ways we can offer classes with social distancing should Government Guidelines allow it.
Many thanks for your continued support Stay safe
Becky x

Becky Bradbury B.Phil(hons) , LRAD, ARAD, AISTD  Tel:07891 426346

The following classes are currently available: 

Tuesday with Miss Becky 

3PM (60mins) Grade 4 

4PM (30mins) Pointe 

4:30PM (60mins) Grade 8

5:30PM (60mins) Grade 7 

Meeting ID: 813 3053 0280  Password: 081129

Wednesday with Miss Becky

3PM (60mins) Grade 5 

4PM (60mins) Inter Foundation 

5PM (60mins) Intermediate 

6PM (60mins) Advanced Foundation

Meeting ID: 847 7955 3866 Password: 096445

Saturday Lessons Miss Rebecca:

 10AM (30mins) Pre-School (Nursery) 

11AM (30mins)Pre-Primary 


Nursery/Pre-School ballet  Meeting ID 516 026 380
Pre Primary  Meeting ID 677 629 410 

Saturday Lessons with Miss Becky:

9:30AM (45mins) Primary

10:20AM (45mins) Grade 1

11:15AM  (45mins) Grade 2

12:05pm (45mins) Grade 3


Meeting ID: 811 2535 7142 Password: 702595

If anyone is having any financial difficulty at the moment due to Coronavirus – please do get in touch so we can ensure no child misses out on this opportunity.

Top Tips for Lessons on Zoom

In an attempt at clarification its very important that parents download the free zoom app and line up cameras linking to the largest screen possible. If you have a smart TV you can often link this to your phone or tablet and then connect to Zoom, if you are using a laptop this can be linked to the TV via an HDMI cable. Do practise this before class.
Its important that parents have their cameras turned on and microphones turned on, at the beginning of a class/ zoom meeting, so that we can ascertain who is joining in, to ensure everyone is safe and that we have no interlopers or snoopers!
Please try to keep internet use to a minimum within your house whilst the class is progress as multiple video streaming can cause the zoom link to disconnect.

Please do get in touch if you have any questions,
Thank you and best wishes,

Hilary Marston

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